We are at the forefront of image and video production and offer our services to commercial, public and private industries.



Here for all occasions no matter how large or small, providing only the top quality for the lowest price.



Innovation is our key to the future and we are here to improve in any and every way.

At JTY Entertainment we offer solutions for video and photo production, implementation and utilisation. Offering a dynamic range of services to help with any of our clients ideas, proposals or needs we can create stunning advertisements, capture memorable moments and produce high quality productions. We will help you every step of the way. Guaranteed.





Creating commercial content has never been easier than with JTY Entertainment. We offer quality services to get your business looking it's best and ready to be shown on the big or small screen. We offer packages that optimise your commercial for either cinema or television advertising. Our main objective is to produce a commercial that is entertaining and gets the client's message across. We can help in every stage of the production from writing the script to editing the final cut. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Using the latest in cutting edge technology we are able to create stunning films and videos with crystal clear full HD resolution and high quality audio. We create films and videos for both corporate and private events or just to entertain and engage an audience. Our main objective is customer satisfaction and to offer our services with the highest quality for the lowest price. For demos, previous works and future projects; check out our Youtube page below. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Through our high quality Canon cameras we can capture every detail and preserve every moment of your events and special occasions. We offer walk around photography for events, portrait and family photo services, and business/ promotional photography. We have a high standard for our images and will try to get them to our clients as soon as possible. We offer for smaller events a 24 hour turnaround package getting you the images the next day. Contact us for more information and pricing.


For every time and place an event is always occurring. Only the most exciting and intriguing events are thought of again. With pictures and videos to show your friends and families, the memories live on. We are available to help photograph and film your events, through our high quality hardware, software and extensive skill we can make every image and video stand out. We pride on our reliability and our main priority is customer satisfaction. Whenever you need a picture or video taken at your event, think of JTY Entertainment as your first call.

Reliability and quality is the basis of our success, and we are going to keep it that way.


Customer satisfaction is what keeps us forward and ahead of our competitors.


Local and abroad, we offer our services around Melbourne and it's surrounding suburbs.






We offer extensive video editing services for anything ranging from short clips to hour long scenes. We use the latest equipment and technology to make any footage look high quality. Once it has been professionally edited we will provide you with the final product looking its best. We utilise powerful software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas to make your footage look spectacular. Contact us for information and pricing.

For editing photos, graphics and images we use a variety of professional software to make sure your images come out looking fantastic. Programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom allow us to maximise the quality of your image and manipulate every detail to create stunning masterpieces. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Professional software is the workhorse of our operations, and we intend to utilise every option available.


Customer satisfaction is what keeps us forward and ahead of our competitors.


Local and abroad, we offer our services around Melbourne and it's surrounding suburbs.





JTY Entertainment is a film, television and web production business owned by James Young and operated by a highly professional team of camera and media specialists. Situated in Melbourne we are purely a mobile business and are here to help in any way possible to make your commercials, images, videos and other media related content look the best while also being presentable to anyone. Our main objective is to satisfy our customers and to provide them with excellent content.

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